My First Print Cover Story Featuring: Yandy Smith

Guess what guys, I wrote my first print cover story! Plastiq Magazine’s “Survival Issue” features Love and Hip Hop New York’s Yandy Smith. Yandy is an on-camera personality, mother, activist, and entrepreneur. In our interview we discussed time management, working in a male dominated field, and how she keeps her skin so flawless. I also spoke with Ben Cory Jones *(insert scream).* Ben is a television … Continue reading My First Print Cover Story Featuring: Yandy Smith

Merry Christmas From AKC

Happy Holidays Loves, I hope your year is ending well and you’re surrounded by love and positive energy. I know the holiday season can be hard sometimes, but remember it’s all about your mind state. Whether you’re with loved ones, giving back, or just enjoying your day, I hope its making you smile! This year has had some TRIALS, and while I’m thankful for 2018, … Continue reading Merry Christmas From AKC

Is Mental Health A Trend?

Taz is no stranger to We’ve featured her music, and she was a former guest on The Break Room podcast. However, this  interview is much more personal than our earlier ones. Last week Taz and I sat in Piedmont Park and had a very real discussion about her struggle with depression and anxiety. Now I know what you’re thinking, another mental health piece? Is … Continue reading Is Mental Health A Trend?

Stan Against Evil: A Behind the Scenes Look

Halloween is over, but if you’re anything like me you know the horror binge fest is just beginning! Scary movies, creepy TV shows, and subsequently sleeping with all the lights on is pretty much the norm around here. In fact, I recently discovered a series that I had to share with you guys. Last night was the season 3 premiere of IFC’s horror comedy series, Stan … Continue reading Stan Against Evil: A Behind the Scenes Look

One Night Only, Don’t Miss Out

The internet has changed our traditional way of watching a movie or television show. Whether you’re using a fire-stick, laptop or even a cellphone, you’re probably not watching programming on its’ actual air date. Perhaps, that’s one of the reasons we enjoy award shows or other live events so much, we can watch as a community. Well, how cool would it be if we all … Continue reading One Night Only, Don’t Miss Out

Chill Vibes.

When you read the title of this article you may have thought about a relaxing day at the beach, meditation or a nice RnB track. Well, one of those is semi-correct. Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with creative powerhouse, Isaac “Chill Vibes” Yowman. The Grammy nominated producer/singer/songwriter has worked with many household names such as Beyonce, Wale and Trey Songs. However, in … Continue reading Chill Vibes.

An Update: Unemployment, Web-Series, SisterCircle

This summer has been crazy. Let’s start with the most dramatic, I lost my job in April. In my defense it wasn’t my fault. The company reorganized and made the decision to get rid of the entire department where I was employed. Some of you may know I moved back to Atlanta last July feeling super excited and pumped for the new chapter and position, … Continue reading An Update: Unemployment, Web-Series, SisterCircle

How Bad Do You Want It?

Most college students and graduates can recall the individual(s) or moment that inspired them to pursue their educational journey. The Upward Bound Community Teen Coalition founded by Dominic Stokes, works to create these moments and inspire young minds in the process. I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Coalition’s How Bad Do You Want It? event. The morning was filled with workshops for young … Continue reading How Bad Do You Want It?

Self Reflection With Friends: LeAndrea “LA” Portis

It’s been ten years since I graduated high school. So in this episode of The Break Room podcast I had a really self-reflective talk with my friend and entrepreneur LA Portis. We drank red wine and talked friendships, dating, flying out, skin complexion, friends with benefits, job motivation, kids/marriage, F-Boys and so much more. Honestly this is one of my favorite episodes! Friends bring out … Continue reading Self Reflection With Friends: LeAndrea “LA” Portis