Okay so, let me explain.

Earlier this week I spoke to adorable child star London Boyce. London plays the daughter of famed actress/entertainer Janelle Monae in the new film Antebellum. In our conversation she spoke about what it was like to be in the movie, working with Janelle Monae, her new book and latest projects. And it basically made me want to have a little creative child of my own and sign her up for a load of artsy extracurricular activities.

London’s parents are doing an amazing job. She’s only seven and already an entrepreneur. In addition to being an author she owns her own ice-cream truck and has he very own Blue Bell Ice cream. Check out our convo below, and get your daily dose of cuteness.


Q. Tell me about yourself? 

I’m an author, gymnast, ballerina and hip-hop dancer, and actress.

Q. Have you always loved to perform, what made you want to act?

My brother was an actor so I decided to be one too

Q. So cool, so tell me about Antebellum!

It was fun. I got to get kisses and snacks. (laughs)

Q. What was it like working with Janelle Monae? (fangirl moment)

Awesome, she was really nice!

Q. What was the hardest part of being in the movie? 

I had to fake cry.

Q. And what was your favorite thing? 

When I got to draw on set because I like to draw in real life.

Q. Speaking of drawing, what made you want to write a book?

So other little girls can read my book and feel special.

Q. And your book is about your hair.  Did you used to feel uncomfortable with it?

Yes, because my hair was very to hard comb and condition. But I like it now. The book is based on a true story.

Q. What advice would you have to other people wanting to be an actor?

Work hard.

Q. Period, because we know you work hard! What’s your favorite subject in school?

Spanish class because I’m the best at it. (laughs)

Q. Favorite Actor 

Janelle Monae, Markie Richardson, and my Brother.

To keep up with London follow her on Instagram @LondonBoyce and make sure to check out her in the new film Antebellum! 

— @AskKirbyCarroll 

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