Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with industry connector and award-winning media personality Ferrari “Rari” Simmons. Ferrari can be heard on Atlanta hip hop station Streetz 94.5 and hosting events around the city and beyond. In this conversation, we discuss his career journey, personal goals, and latest single Happy Birthdayyy.

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Like many, Ferrari’s love for music started early. However, he took a unique path to make his passion a career. Instead of setting his sights on the music industry, he decided to stand out by making an impact in the media. “I wanted to get my music played on the radio, so I thought why not be on the radio,” he says. It makes sense, but as we well know, media and entertainment is not an easy field to break into. I was curious to learn more about his journey and any helpful tips he had for creatives trying to stand out as well! Here’s what I gathered from our convo.

  1. Don’t Limit Yourself

Previously Ferrari worked as a personality/producer for Atlanta radio station V103. “During that time, I soaked up so much information; I was learning from the best. So many people want everything to happen fast, but you have to put the time in.” While Ferrari credits many helpful mentors, he’s learned the most from Greg Street. “V103 could never fire him, he’s so active in the community and has his hand in many things.” It’s from methods like this, that Ferrari learned to never limit himself. In addition to his media career, he’s an ambassador for brands like Defiance Fuel and Aunt Jackies Hair Care and is working on an EP that will allow independent artists to grow their exposure (artists head to his DM’s). Audience support can come from multiple avenues, don’t limit yourself.

2. Truly Engage With Your Audience

“As a media personality, my style is to ask direct questions. I ask what listeners want to know, I don’t dance around questions.” This has been successful for him, as his following and listenership has continued to grow. Therefore, he takes a similar approach to his songs. “I have a big audience, but the people who know me for my music is a smaller group. That’s why I’m very tapped in with them. They like R&B, we did an R&B song; they want to turn up, we did Happy Birthdayyy.” Ferrari understands the business behind music, as well as passion. That’s why he created Happy Birthdayyy, as a DJ he sees firsthand how excited people get on their special day. By creating a track that’s connected to an event, it allows the song to be timeless. Thus, strategically connecting with your audience will allow them to be a part of your success.

3. Manage Your Time

Although these things keep him busy, Ferrari is most happy when he spends time with his family. As a father and husband, he’s learned the importance of time management. “I start the day with a whiteboard, and write everything down and make sure to get it done by a certain time so I can spend time with them” Schedule, plan, and keep to it. That way you can make time for the people and moments that matter most.

You can connect and keep up with Ferrari on Instagram at @FerrariSimmons and check out his latest single Happy Birthdayyy on all music platforms. Let me know what you think!

— Kirby Carroll (@askKirbyCarroll)

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