Guess what guys, I wrote my first print cover story! Plastiq Magazine’s “Survival Issue” features Love and Hip Hop New York’s Yandy Smith. Yandy is an on-camera personality, mother, activist, and entrepreneur. In our interview we discussed time management, working in a male dominated field, and how she keeps her skin so flawless.


I also spoke with Ben Cory Jones *(insert scream).* Ben is a television writer and producer. He’s the voice behind a few of the culture’s favorite shows like Insecure and Underground, and currently he’s showrunning BET’s Boomerang. If you’ve followed me for awhile you know this is like, literal goals.

Those aren’t the only stories I wrote in the magazine. However, it’s not just about me. The magazine is filled with inspiring stories of triumph. The team put so much hard work into making sure readers are inspired and entertained.

Check out Plastiq Magazine to buy your digital or print copy. If you get one please send me pictures or tweets so I can make sure to thank you,  and get your feedback.



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