Taz is no stranger to AskKirbyCarrroll.com. We’ve featured her music, and she was a former guest on The Break Room podcast. However, this  interview is much more personal than our earlier ones. Last week Taz and I sat in Piedmont Park and had a very real discussion about her struggle with depression and anxiety.


Now I know what you’re thinking, another mental health piece? Is this becoming a trend? Charlamagne wrote Shook One and now it’s all we can talk about. Well here’s the gag, it’s not a trend, it’s just finally being talked about. Most of us have been taught not to discuss mental health problems, and now people are speaking up!

Taz’s new EP is titled “Mentally Ill.” In it she combines her love of hip-hop, rockstar personality, and personal struggles to create art. We also chatted about her latest projects and I even got an exclusive listen to the music. Click the links below to check it out.


I’ve lost friends to suicide and even been in low points personally. I hope conversations like this inspire others to speak up and seek help. Remember if we’re not using art and creativity to help ourselves and others, there’s kinda no point.

RIP to Sonia Sharai Mihan Johnson and Aneesah Washington. You’re loved and never forgotten. <3


Music Links
Keep up with Taz at @Tazmaniashow.


<3 – AKC




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