Halloween is over, but if you’re anything like me you know the horror binge fest is just beginning! Scary movies, creepy TV shows, and subsequently sleeping with all the lights on is pretty much the norm around here. In fact, I recently discovered a series that I had to share with you guys.


Last night was the season 3 premiere of IFC’s horror comedy series, Stan Against Evil. It stars  John C. McGinley as Stan Miller and Janet Varney as Evie Barrett who are determined to wipe out the demons that plague their town of Willard’s Mill. I had the pleasure of attending a set visit, and learning how this story comes to life.

The cast and crew have great energy, and put so much hard work into what we see on-screen. We met the teams behind the show’s wardrobe, set design, props and more. Each role is important to the final product, and it was quite a spectacle to see how everything comes to life. Check out some of the creepy footage below, and stream the latest episode here . Let me know what you think and I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween. I loved all of the cute costumes!

<3 —  @askkirbycarroll

Keep up with Stan Against Evil:

Online: http://www.ifc.com/tag/stan-against-evil

Twitter: @IFC #StanAgainstEvil

Instagram: @StanAgainstEvil

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IFCStanAgainstEvil/

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