When you read the title of this article you may have thought about a relaxing day at the beach, meditation or a nice RnB track. Well, one of those is semi-correct.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with creative powerhouse, Isaac “Chill Vibes” Yowman. The Grammy nominated producer/singer/songwriter has worked with many household names such as Beyonce, Wale and Trey Songs. However, in this conversation we spoke about his journey to becoming an artist, and how creatives can apply it to their lives.

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No stranger to hard work, Chill double majored in Audio Engineering and Entertainment Business. When asked about balancing the creative and business side he said, “It goes along with the other, I’m a creative at heart. If I could choose one over the other I would, but learning the business is important.” He also credits traveling as a major nugget to his success. Chill explained that while trying to gain contacts he often visited new cities, and was never afraid to speak up and share his projects with others. “People are afraid to talk these days. I always met new people, with my CD in hand,” he laughs. As his contacts grew he had the opportunity to work with Snoop Dog and Bun B, but eventually gained most notoriety behind the scenes. Songwriting/producing allowed him to connect with companies such as BET and create alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

His passion for creativity has also evolved into many areas outside of music including filmmaking, graphic design and fashion.  He invested in premium streetwear & sneaker store, “Frost Town” opening soon in Downtown Houston. The store is unique to the area, and smartly located in the hustle and bustle of the city. While his passions and talents are diverse, music remains consistent. Currently, he is stepping from behind the curtain with the release of his EP Trap Tings, available on all streaming platforms . If you’re a fan of Afrobeats and RnB I definitely recommend it. Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 10.16.50 PM.png

What I personally gained from the conversation with Chill Vibes was:

  1. Don’t worry that education was worth it. There are times the business side will be needed. Respect your craft, study it.
  2. Traveling is not just for Instagram pictures, make sure to meet new people and connect with others. Networking can be awkward, but it really does help.
  3. Challenge yourself. Don’t get comfortable even if you’re excelling in one area, don’t be afraid to follow your passions.

You guys can keep up with Chill Vibes at visit http://www.chillvibes.com and on social media at @ChillVibes.

— @AKC


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