Most college students and graduates can recall the individual(s) or moment that inspired them to pursue their educational journey. The Upward Bound Community Teen Coalition founded by Dominic Stokes, works to create these moments and inspire young minds in the process. I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Coalition’s How Bad Do You Want It? event. The morning was filled with workshops for young scholars, while the afternoon consisted of panels. First, there was a Greek panel where guests spoke on the connection and fellowship they found in their sororities and fraternities. They highlighted the fact that camaraderie and loyalty can be found in peers without gang violence. The event ended with a celebrity panel that consisted of: Rapper/Producer Bowwow, Model/Actress Eva, Actress Keisha Knight Pulliam, Rapper Da Brat, and Radio Personality REEC. Each shared how their personal journey of hard work helped them achieve their goals.

Here’s a snapshot of the event below.


When I was younger I was very active in Girl Scouts. This event reminded me how much seeing my mother (our Girl Scout leader), and assistant leader, Regina Mckinney inspired me. I’d look at them and think,  “I want to create events like this one day. ” Life gets so hectic, trust me I know. However, I encourage readers to schedule time to give back and do something you enjoy. At the end of the day, if we’re not helping something or someone, why are we really here? Who inspired you to pursue your education or career?

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