So if you haven’t noticed from my Youtube, I’ve been trying to lose a couple of pounds. I’ve limited carbs, sugar and juice. However, one thing that I refuse to give up is my wine. Some of ya’ll immediately started to judge, so let me clarify. A glass of wine occasionally during the week is kinda like a “good job,” to myself when I’ve been eating well. So naturally I like that wine to be worth the reward.

moscotto 1

Well on May 9, 2018 I joined other media outlets and press for the launch of Keynote Peach Moscato. The event was coordinated by Lemon Lime-light Media and hosted by the gorgeous and down to earth Lisa Raye. We enjoyed chicken and waffles, deserts and veggies all paired with complimentary glasses of the wine.

moscotto 2The vibe of the event was very upscale yet laid back. I was able to connect with peers and other creatives all while enjoying the environment. You can check out all of the photos on the AskKirbyCarroll Facebook page, available here.


So, honest review? I really enjoyed it! It has a really sweet taste which I enjoy but still gives you that relaxed moscato feel. The wine does not come out until the end of the year, but I definitely recommend trying it out. Follow them on social for more updates and info @KeynoteMoscato and let me know what you think!

moscotto 3

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