TAZ is no stranger to AskKirbyCarroll.com (she was a standout guest last year on The Break Room Podcast.) Still, we had to get her back due to the release of her latest project, Hampton. Taz’s passion has allowed her to interview and perform with some very big hip-hop names. She’s also worked with brands such as VIBE, BET, SONY and more. However, she is quick to tell you that her biggest happiness comes from being an entrepreneur and feeling like she is truly pursuing her own gifts. Listen in as we talk passion for hip hop, love for Hampton, inspirations and the power of perseverance. We also loop in Manny Mozart, who produced a few of the tracks, and has worked with some of your favorite artists. Check out this inspiring conversation.

I definitely recommend it for creatives who feel like they are stuck in a rut. Also. the mixtape is lit. So there’s that.

Listen to our interview ==>  

Take a listen to the mixtape here.

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