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The Break Room: Saidah Nairobi Talks Being A Lead Dancer for Beyonce, Me-Too Movement, and Becoming a Mother and Wife

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Usher, Bruno Mars, Ciara and of course Queen Bey are just a few of the people Saidah Nairobi has had the pleasure of working with. However, before she was performing at the Super Bowl or touring with Beyonce, she was just a college student who had a love for writing, dance and teaching.

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Saidah Nairobi performing with Beyonce

So many times people have goals or aspirations they wish to accomplish but life gets in the way and they don’t follow through. During this conversation Saidah discussed how she made hers’ a reality. She talked about the power of being fearless, embracing her look, working with Beyonce’ and being a woman in the entertainment industry. This is all while still being a wife, and new mother (she is due any day now by the way.)


Saidah Nairobi

Finally, our Shine Not Shade goes to Amanda Wicks (Carefree Black Girl on Youtube) and this episode of The Break Room  is sponsored by Skye Media Group. They translate the raw ideas and mission of entrepreneurs into a brand identity, website and marketing that help clients sell and grow.  Check out Skye Media Group and let people know you heard about them while you were hanging out in The Break Room.

Take a listen below, and I hope you are as moved and inspired as I was.





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