On Wednesday January 3, 2018 I attended the WAGS Atlanta Premiere at O2 Lounge. Now I’ll be honest, I’m usually more of a scripted TV girl. No judgement, I’m just not too big on “ratchet TV” as it’s been coined.  However after being advised by my sister I started watching WAGS, and to my surprise it was nothing like that. It gives you your daily dose of fun outfits and personalities while still having a more authentic and upscale vibe. Well, its obvious that this season they’re following that same formula, but it’s even better because its Atlanta!

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The premiere event was a lot of fun. It started with a step and repeat, cocktails and networking. I got a chance to catch up with Jordan Moore of the Denver Broncos. We discussed the real talent interactions on the show, women who like sports, and what he’s working on during the off season. Check out the interview below. (Sorry about the background noise.)

Next there was  a Q&A with some of the cast members. I have to say, the girls seem super cool. Everyone’s hair was laid and makeup beat, yet they still came off really down to earth. Another thing I noticed is that the men of the women seemed very present. You know how on some shows everyone is “dating a celebrity, ” but we haven’t seen them at all through the whole series? It definitely didn’t seem like that type of situation. Check out the Q&A below.

What I liked best is that the women made sure to stress the importance of entrepreneurship and women empowerment. Hope talked about being “twenty-five, young and cute,” and how it’s important to be confident in who you are. Kierra Douglas spoke passionetly about how having a strong foundation and faith has helped her relationship. There was a little innocent shade thrown at Love and Hip Hop, but mostly it just felt like fun girl talk.

Red Carpet

I have to say I enjoyed the pilot, and I may finally have a reality show to tweet about with ya’ll! WAGS Atlanta airs every Wednesday at 10PM on E!.





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