Wow what a weekend! Monday came way too fast. Especially since Saturday, May 6, 2017 I was at the 5th annual Broccoli Fest. I’ve heard about this event for the last couple of years and have wanted to cover it for quite some time. I have to say it lived up to the hype. Broccoli Fest 2017 featured indie artist such as Nao, Sir the Baptist, Chaz French and more. However, there were also bigger names present like 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, Solange and Rae Sremmurd. So let’s start with the performances.


The festival featured two stages the “City Stage” and the “Broccoli Fest” stage. Therefore, as audience members we always had an option of who we wanted to see perform. I mean lets be honest you don’t really expect Solange and Yachty to have the same crowd. But, the difference provided for a more diverse experience. As a loyal member of the Bey-Hive I’ve always kinda liked Solange, and I really enjoyed her latest album. But to be honest I wasn’t a super dedicated fan. However, seeing her perform changed my perspective. Her energy was so intoxicating. It gave me those throwback “real music” vibes and I was here for it. She definitely got performance of the night from me. To be real I did want to see Yahcty too, but their times conflicted. Anyway, when I wasn’t rapping 21 savage or singing about Cranes in the Sky, I was walking around, mingling and shopping.

There were so many vendors for food and clothing. There were even big brands such as Toyota and Tidal on-site. I’ve been to events where you can tell the organizing staff just wanted sponsor dollars and cared nothing about the product or people. That was not the case for Broccoli Fest. Walking around the vendors made you actually want to shop. There were also drinks and food present. So naturally everyone was a little turned up.IMG_0749

The worst thing about the festival was the weather which is obviously out of their control. It was kinda rainy and muddy which was a bit annoying. Still, I really enjoyed myself. Broccoli Fest (#BCFest17) had a really artsy vibe and combined a lot of elements I enjoy like music, shopping, and cool people. The goal of Broccoli City is to mobilize and educate urban millennials on how to create a better world. They’re dedicated to sustainable living, high quality food and shelter, environmental education and economic opportunity. Whenever I can have fun and promote missions like that I’m down. I would for sure go again, but I hope its sunny next time 🙂 . As always I’d like to hear your feedback. Follow me everywhere @AskKirbyCarroll.

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