One of my favorite components of AKC, LLC is promoting talent. Currently, I have the pleasure of working with Jessica Gold, a content creator from the DMV. She is the creator of, a platform dedicated to redefining society’s definition and misrepresentation of women. The site has content on dating, spirituality, beauty and all things relatable to the enlightened millennial woman. I truly enjoy the site’s content and am very excited for her newest venture, The C-Word web series.


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The C-Word is all about millennial dating from a man’s perspective. It tells the story of Nyle, an attractive playboy who decides to become celibate in order to find the right woman. When asked why she told it from a male’s perspective she said, “it’s something that’s not told. We don’t consider their feelings and frustrations. I want to get that dialogue started.” Jessica talked with male friends and associates active in the dating world before constructing the script. Naturally, once this conversation began we had to have a little girl talk and discuss.

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“Millennial dating is hard,” she said. Jessica contributes it to social media and the obsession we have with something that isn’t truly real. “Everyone is too accessible,” she says. Jessica also mentioned messages in the media, and the limit of spirituality in our generation. People are invested in non-commitment. Still, while Jessica says the series is powered by her personal walk with God she feels that everyone can relate to the story.

The C-Word is hosting auditions in the Washington, DC area on March 25th. If you have an interest in acting please send an email to Also, I encourage you to support the series by contributing at “The goal of the show is to Redefine dating and bring love back. It is also to give woman hope, and shift and define the way we view black men,”says Jessica. I can’t wait to tune in! When the show drops in October, I’ll share it on AKC Entertainment page!

Follow @thecwordwebseries for more updates and @RedefineWoman to join the movement.

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