Happy Monday Loves!

This episode of The Break Room is all about entrepreneurship. We discuss procrastination, how to use social media as a strategy, time management and more with Taz of The TazMania Show. Taz has an impressive resume that includes companies like BET, Vibe, Revolt and more. However, she prides herself most on creating her brand and taking the risk of being an entrepreneur. Listen in as we talk authentically about the highs and lows of being a millennial entrepreneur.

Click here to listen in.


Our shine not Shade for the week goes to @Jessicadanyele of @RedefineWoman. She is the creator of a new web-series called, The C- WORD that is about celibacy from a man’s perspective.  If interested in auditioning for the series, please shoot me an email. Also, let’s all support her project by contributing here.

Have a good week guys. Listen to a lot of trap music in honor of the Falcons! 🙁

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