Is anyone having a case of the Monday’s? I stayed up late Netflixing and working on the podcast, and I’m seriously regretting it. Still, the good thing about Mondays is that there is a new episode of #TheBreakRoom. This week was all about dating, relationships and marriage. We discussed friends of the opposite sex, sexuality, what is considered cheating and more. The special guest was relationship writer, Tamara Butler. She writes for popular outlets such as Baller Alert, Everything Girls Love, and more. Ladies you will definitely understand and relate to our conversation, and guys it gives you a chance to be a fly on the wall for a serious girl talk. Karras gave the men’s perspective of dating on Episode One. Well, now it’s our turn!

Our Shine Not Shade went to Nzingha Stewart, the writer/director of Love by the 10th Date. There are a few audio issues in this one. Please forgive me, but it’s one of my favorite episodes!

Take a Listen Here


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