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The Break Room: Bae vs. Bait featuring Karras Jordan

By January 9, 2017 One Comment

I’ve done a few projects that were very scripted and detailed. The Break Room is more of a conversation. I talked to my girlfriends and other content curators and discovered that the number one thing that audiences enjoy is authenticity. So that’s what the Break Room is. It’s honest, silly, messy, and real. It’s not perfect. There are some mistakes, and some things you will not agree with, but it’s done with good intention. I hope you guys like it. <3 

The Bae vs. Bait episode of the Break Room features handsome actor/model Karras Jordan. If anyone is currently in or entering the dating world this episode is a MUST. We discuss topics like; what to wear on the first date, dating in big cities, one night stands, honesty in relationships, sliding in DM’s and more. Karras is involved in many projects including the popular series Redskin. You can keep up with him everywhere at KarrasJordaninc.com.

Take a listen here.

This episode also recognizes Jessica Dawson on the Shine Not Shade segment, and we answer the email of the day. Thanks for checking it out! Let me know your feedback and opinions. I appreciate you listening!

Support our sponsor and RSVP for the Dirty South House Arrest premiere. Also, make sure to follow @KarrasJordan. 

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  • Brittany says:

    What a pleasure listening to your first podcast Kirby!! The unfiltered and authentic introduction drew me in immediately. From the spotlight on single life to the Venus v. Mars-esque discussion with the show’s guest about dating and relationships, it provided me with introspect and reflection. What a great way to begin your podcast journey. Looking forward to tuning into the next one!

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