I’ve seen multiple social media posts detesting resolutions and discussing how setting yearly goals are lame. I find it amazing how people base so much of their lives on the opinions of others. I like the idea of bettering myself and growing, and why not use the new year as that time. Now, I’m not walking around shouting “New Year, New Me” but I welcome the chance to better myself.

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So here are my five resolutions:

  1. Be Open to Trusting Others

It’s no secret that I have trust issues. I’ve spoke on it in other posts. I’ll be kind and thoughtful to anyone but it takes a lot for me to truly let others in. I want to work on letting my guard down, and being more open to genuine relationships.

2. Do What Feels Uncomfortable 

I remember this time where I was riding in the car with a mentor from a company I wanted to work at, at the time. When we got out the car he stood outside the door for about two minutes practically silent. I thought to myself this is the perfect opportunity to sell myself. But, I let fear get in the way. It was awhile ago and I’ve gotten other opportunities since then. However, that moment stuck with me. If I had spoken up I may have gotten the job. I don’t ever want to have that wondering feeling. In 2017 I will work on speaking up even when I feel uncomfortable. #Whatstheworstthatcouldhappen2017

3. Get It Right, Get It Tight 

Of course we all want to be poppin. It’s just part of life. But, the whole dieting every month thing is getting super played out. So instead of saying I want to lose some crazy amount of weight, I’d really like to just change  the way I eat. Basically, start cooking some of those meals in my “Healthy Recipe” pins, and maybe trade the Simply Lemonade for some water with lemon.

4. Continue to Learn 

When I got my Master’s degree I said that was it. I was DONE. Don’t get me wrong, I am. But, still it feels weird to just work and not intake new information. I want to continue to grow and work on my craft. I’ve thought about taking a foreign language class, studying at an acting studio, or maybe just reading a new book every month.

5. Give Back 

In my opinion none of my success matters if I’m not helping someone else. Some of my passions include education, helping the poor, and black art. Honestly this year I felt like I didn’t give back as much as I wanted to. 2016 my focus was more  on the arts. I volunteered at shows and plays I enjoyed. This year I want to be more direct in giving. Perhaps, volunteer at soup kitchen every few weeks or at a homeless shelter. I need to make sure I’m making time to do what matters most; helping those without.

There’s a lot I’ve already started working on. There is a lot of things I still need to start. Writing it down makes it more realer for me. It’s easy to say it now, staying true to it is what makes it real. So, I’ll be doing a follow up. What are some of you goals? Sidebar, my friend Ashley and I once did weekly check-ins on our goals. Involving others always helps. Let me know! Let’s reach them together. I hope you all have an amazing New Year! Thanks for your continued support.

Sidebar January 9th is my podcast! Make sure you’re subscribed at AskKirbyCarroll.com. I’m super excited 🙂

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