As many of you know I am a big supporter of entrepreneurs, specifically millennials. Take a look at my latest conversation with Hampton natives Gavin Stewart and Joseph Moore.

 G STEW: Physics Major & DJ

Q. Tell me about yourself:
A. Well,  I am Gavin aka Gav, GStew and/or DJStew. I am a CMT Technician at Froehling & Robertson and Morehouse Alum C/o 2013. I have a Bachelors Degree in Physics with a minor in Math. I’m a pretty common guy I like to chill and laugh with my friends, travel (when I can), hoop,  conduct random research, listen to music, discover new music, watch  documentaries, watch movies of all kind except horror, and browse social media.
Q. How long have you had a love for music?
A. At a young age I always enjoyed listening to music and watching music videos. However, I don’t think I started loving it until I joined the band in middle school. I played the Clarinet for 2 years and the Sax for about 8. I also participated in the Jazz, concert, symphonic and marching bands. Out of all ensembles I performed in, marching band is what sparked my aspirations to DJ.
Q. You mentioned you have a Bachelors degree in Math. Are you still trying to pursue engineering?
A. I’d like to continue the engineering route. I’ve been contemplating on getting my Masters and earned a few certifications. However, I’m not sure if I would want to work a 9-5 in the future. I’d like to own a few businesses and enjoy the freedom of working for myself.
Q. Everybody wants to be an artist, rapper or DJ. Why do you think it’s so popular, and what sets you apart?
A. Well everyone wants to express how and what they feel. Also, a lot of people can see how lucrative it is, especially in this day and age of social media. Plus its fun, people enjoy themselves when they’re rapping, DJ’n, singing, dancing, producing or painting. Its exciting and people feel free when they are having fun. I try to market myself differently. Such as posting my mixes on websites you wouldn’t really think a DJ mix would be on. I was recently in the spotlight section of a travel and lifestyle blog.
Q. What is your view on the music and entertainment scene in the 757 area?
A. I believe there are a lot of talented artists out here. However, I feel there needs to be more artist showcases and events for artists to expose themselves to people. There’s just social media and word of mouth. Even with the internet you have to do research. I know stations like 91.1 and 102.9 play some of the local artist on Sundays. However, you don’t hear too many local events promoted on-air or during commercials for the people to see the artists. Thus, they may have to go else where to gain more exposure instead of it starting out here. So, its too lowkey in my opinion. By the way, checkout artist and collectives such as Trav, D.O.E, & Three Awaken Men, Take Over Entertainment.
Q. Favorite current artist?
A. I’m a Wiz Khalifa kind of a guy, I don’t think he’s the best lyricist or anything, but I really enjoy him as an artist. The music, his visuals, fashion style and  lifestyle are dope to me.
Q. Tell me about the Slight Before Work Mix? Where can we download it?
A. I felt like I’ve been telling people I DJ for a minute,but had no recent work to show for it. Plus I didn’t have any controllers to record one anyways. So as soon as I got them I wanted to create one and put it out! The playlist consist of songs that were popular this spring and summer from artist such as 2 Chainz, Drake, Migos, Lil Uzi, Travis Scott, Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, D.R.A.M., Rae Sremmurd, MadeInTyo, & OT Genesis. You could find the mix on Soundcloud at Gavin Stewart 4 and on MixCloud as DJStew.  Soon the mixes will also be on YouTube.
Q. What’s next for you? 
By November I will have another mix for people to enjoy. However I’m not giving away what will be on it. I will keep everyone posted.
Check out Gav’s mix and follow him on the social plus below.
Snapchat/IG: ThreeStewOne
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Joseph Moore: Designer & Photographer
Q. What is Millionaire Ambition

A. The brand for the 3am dreamers and visionaries. It is deeper then the clothes and designs. I deliver a message of knowledge, fitness and love.

  • Shine your crown img_4490
  • Drink water
  • Give love for the FREE

Q. What is black girl magic to you?  

A. Black girl magic is beauty, strength, style, excellence and melanin. It shows the world how great the black woman is on all platforms.

Q. Why do you want to highlight the black woman?

A. They are man’s strength and weakness rolled into one. The same applies for my brand. Women are my biggest supporters and influence when it come to designing.

Q. Why is entrepreneurship important to you?

A. Entrepreneurship is important because it shows that hard work pays off. The knowledge you find by sharpening your craft and business is great. The grind of succeeding or failing everyday depends on you. You must learn to market and brand yourself not just your company.

Q. Any fall fashion tips?

5. This fall is going to be all about epic bombers, beanies and varsity jackets.

Sidenote: If you need some photography work done check out the link below.

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