Call me lame but one of my all time favorite things to do is cuddle up with a bottle of wine and find a binge worthy TV show on my laptop. Literally, I’m an introvert trapped in an extrovert personality. My all time favorite shows are a lot like my personality, completely random. I honestly think one’s favorite show, album, or novel says something about their personality. I’ve listed my all-time favorite shows below, and how it relates to me. What are some of yours and what do you think it says about you? 

1. The Wire 
I believe in never judging a book by it’s cover. People are complex and grey. No one is all good or all bad but uncovering the truth is still important. Also it showed me, I’m obsessed with a good story. In my opinion, the writing in the Wire is second to none. 
— > HBO GO
2. The Vampire Diaries 
I want passionate and unconventional love. I believe in taking risks and chances. Also, it’s okay to have different interests. Let’s be honest most of my friends are 20 something African americans so TVD isn’t really their cup of tea. But, I couldn’t live without it.  
— > CW, Netflix 

3. Scandal 

I like the idea of being a woman in power. The fast pace way Olivia owns her business with the support of her Gladiators is so #GOALS. I don’t care whats going on with her love life or B613. She gets through it. I believe if your work ethic matches your passion no one can stop you. 
4. The Game

Let’s be honest, the idea of the fancy life and fancy friends just seems pretty lit. But, it’s cooler to be in that lifestyle and still have genuine people around you. I also love the characters in this show. I see my actual friends in so many of the characters. Sidebar, my friends say I’m the Kelly. 
— > DVD’s available online 
5. Fresh Prince of Bel Air 
Fresh Prince will always make the cut! I believe it’s okay to laugh and have fun sometime. Family is always the most important thing ever and as long as you got them you’re good. 
— > BET, TBS 
— <33 @askKirbyCarroll 
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