The Ask Now Show is finally back, and I am so excited about this season. The Ask Now show is a talk series that discusses topics submitted by college students and young professionals. Every episode features a special guest that is conversational and well versed on the topic.

Last season the series featured talent in the DC Metropolitan area. This time we are featuring my hometown Hampton Roads, VA. 
 In May of 2015 I received my Master’s degree in producing for television and film. I was determined to find a network producing job in the fast pace city.  Sadly, I could not find a job in the DC area. It was very humbling to return home and start the job search all over again. But, God works in mysterious ways because soon after I came home I realized that’s where I needed to be for awhile. 
I gained a media position that’s helped fund AKC LLC projects. I’ve also been able to spend time and care for my family and loved ones. Lastly, I fell back in love with VA energy. We have so much talent and interesting people here. There is such a wide range of talent but for some reason its very unknown. 
Well this season I spoke to some of the biggest talent in the area. These people range from media personalities, student leaders and politicians. I spoke candidly about the topics readers submitted and tried to ask all the questions they’d want to know. 
Ask Now Season 1 was so important to me. It was me taking a big leap of faith, and I’m unapologetically happy it. However, I was a lot safer in my questioning and personality. I really feel like this season was more REAL. I argued back with some of the guests, selected controversial talent and obtained sponsors for  captivating locations. 
The afternoon of June 14th the first episode will be released. I invite you guys to check it out and give me your opinion. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #AskNowShow or reaching out via social media @askKirbyCarroll. 

— <33 @askKirbyCarroll 
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