Thursday, April 28, 2016 I attended Scandal-ous: an evening with the cast and executive producers, presented by the Smithsonian. Anyone who follows or knows me at all knows, I’m obsessed with Scandal and Shonda Rhimes. It is literally one of my all-time favorite shows. Scandal is created by not only a woman, but an African american woman. The main character is also a black woman and it is based off of public relations powerhouse, Judy Smith. But, aside from all of that-the story, directing and acting is amazing. It never stops keeping you engaged and interested. Okay, I’ll stop myself from going into the “Scandal/Shonda is great rant.” Because, it can go on for awhile.

I traveled about three hours to get to the event and made it there right at 7PM. It started with us watching the newest episode of Scandal. It was so fun to watch with other fans (gladiators) of the show because we got to see everyone else’s reactions. There were many laughs, sighs, applauses and gasps throughout the forty minutes. It made me feel weirdly happy to know other people get just as emotionally stressed out while watching the show.

Shonda Rhimes and Cast 

At the conclusion of the episode Shonda Rhimes and the cast appeared on-stage. The cast included Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope), Tony Goldwyn (Fitzgerald Grant), Bellamy Young (Mellie Grant),  Katie Lowes (Quinn Perkins), Guillermo Diaz (Huck) and Jeff Perry (Cyrus Bean). There was a Q&A that discussed elements like table reads, the connection to the characters, actors input to the script, the importance of casting, story-telling, wardrobe and more. One of the highlights was Shonda Rhimes telling everyone that the script is not intentionally trying to mirror the election. In fact, she was very surprised to see that their is such a similar “character” in the election now. (Obviously Donald Trump is very similar to Hollis Doyle. I’ll say it for you Shonda, I got you girl. ) Bellamy Young followed up saying, “hopefully we have our real first female president soon.” Tony Goldwyn also discussed the balance of directing and acting and how different of an experience it is. He made jokes about having to “try that scene” again in reference to the love scenes with Kerry Washington.

It was very nice to see how the cast interacted with each other. They seemed very comfortable and there was a lot of laughter and genuine energy. At one point, Kerry Washington passionately explained to the audience how grateful she is to be able to be apart of such important and impactful stories. In fact she said that the next episode will be one of the most powerful episodes ever. They also mentioned that the season finale will be another one for the books!

That experience was amazing. Shonda Rhimes is literally living my dream. To see her in person was kind of surreal to me. To say it was inspiring seems way too minimal. Instead I’ll say I’m thankful for the experience and I’l never forget it.

Are you guys excited for the finale? What are your thoughts on Scandal this season? What are your thoughts on the similarities to the election?

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