Attention Kills is a captivatingly gritty urban web-series centered in the DC area. It encompasses unique personalities, interesting plots, and a loyal fanbase.

So, let me tell you guys the story. A few months ago I was at brunch with a few of my friends and a met a fellow DC creative named Arize’. He manages his own sports management company and is creator of Attention Kills, a DC web-series. I’m always a supporter of filmmaking and entrepreneurship. Therefore, one day out of simple curiosity, I watched an episode of Attention Kills on Youtube. Just that quick, I was hooked. The show definitely has the “binge effect,” you know where you plan on watching one episode, and end up watching one season. The characters can make you love and hate them in a matter of minutes.

Fans and newcomers should enjoy our conversation below because, Arize’ spoke passionately and truthfully about his goals and ideas for the show. “People who aren’t familiar with us just have to pick an episode. They will want to go back and watch what happened before. I wrote it that way on purpose,” says Arize’.

I’d like to know what you guys think! Check out our interview below and watch the series! Send me your feedback!

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