Check it out one of my friends, Jill Doctor, attended the CREED screening in Los Angeles on behalf of Check out her review, and let me know if you guys go see the film this week. I want to know what you think, tweet me your feedback @askKirbyCarroll.

— <33 AKC

I loved it! I liked that it was still the Rocky story, just a fresh chapter – not a total reboot or remake. They did a really good job of making it current and relevant for this generation, while still incorporating footage/info from past Rocky movies. It didn’t feel

cheesy in any way. Michael B. Jordan is a great actor – and great to look at!! I thought it was cool that they also twisted the story, so that Adonis (who’s played by Michael) has a different background than Rocky. Adonis started rough, in foster care and juvy, but then is raised in wealth by Apollo’s widow (who isn’t his mom but basically adopts him). Rocky fought to make money and a name for himself to pull himself up. Adonis has everything he needs, but he fights because it’s in his blood – BUT he doesn’t want to get by on his dad’s name. So he’s sort of a street kid, but then not at all. Gives him more depth as well. Rocky as a character is also well used – the film is definitely not focused on him, but he’s a good dose of comic relief and very real as a person to compliment Adonis’s story. 

The other thing I liked (as a feminist!), is that the “new” Adrianne, who’s name is Bianca, is very also real and has actual depth. She has her own goals and struggles and is a stand alone character. This movie definitely doesn’t pass the Bechdel test (in fact there are basically no scenes with 2 women in them), but at least they gave the “girlfriend” role a lot more complexity than usual. 
And final thing – it was shot amazingly well. There were multiple one-shot long takes – like Adonis walking from the locker room all the way into the ring – that were really well done. The fight scenes themselves were amazing. I was flinching and cringing the whole time. You really feel a apart of the action! And the music was great too. They incorporated the old theme song with Adonis training and running through the streets of Philly followed by kids on motor bikes and it legit gave me goosebumps. 
Such an awesome movie! And they leave it open to keep the series going. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more of Adonis/Michael in the ring 😉

Creed comes into theaters November 25, 2015.  

– Jill Doctor 
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