Sultry Sounds is a showcase created by Leah J of FreshDaily Inc. At the DC event audiences enjoy live music, drinks and good company. Marquita Cheron is a creative artist who performed at a past showcase. Her strong vocals and soulful lyrics make her a great feature for Indie Spotlight. 
Marquita Cheron has been singing since the age of twelve. Though she grew up around the arts, her mother danced and her father sang, she didn’t grow up thinking she had the skill. It wasn’t until sixth grade when her teacher put her into a national broadway play that she realized her talent. Marquita is a native of the DC area and has a genuine passion for her hometown. As a lover of the DMV myself, I asked for her opinion on the realm of entertainment in the area. “I think the support is different than in the West Coast and New York. The hustle of New York causes others to do it and respect it. But, I think DC is moving into a positive direction. I wish it would have happened years ago, but it’s coming back now,” she said. Marquita reminded me of the Harlem Renaissance and the significance of the DC area during that period.
Speaking of periods, I was very intrigued by the timeless artists that Marquita said inspires her. She named Whitney Houston, Jasmine Sullivan, Anita Baker, Brandy and Rachelle Ferrell. “I really admire Rachelle Ferrell’s ability, from holding to hitting high notes.” It was clear that she had a passion for musicianship and the art of singing. She explained that her process for producing songs came from different personal and non-personal life experiences. “Sometimes, I’m in an awkward phase with a song or chorus. I may have the melody without the lyrics or vice versa. I’ll sit at a piano and play chords or hear a track and it tells me how to create it.” Marquita is a clear creative so I found it interesting when she said that if she wasn’t pursuing singing she’d be a lawyer. She explained later that it is because she truly cares about others and always got in trouble for defending her peers when she was younger!
I really like the positive vibe of her songs which is why I wanted to share Marquita Cheron with AKC readers. It’s not every day one hears music that is enjoyable and promotes positivity. Her songs are uplifting and catchy. “Love makes the world go round. When things happen and something gets rough you have to get through it. That’s not just in my songs, that’s life,” she says. 
Check out Marquita Cherron below and let me know what you guys think! 
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