Hey Guys!
As you know I’m a firm believer in passion and entrepreneurship. 

Therefore, I’ve really been working on growing A.K.C. LLC. I’m sending out my press release this week. I‘d appreciate it if you all can share it with your network, and I’d love to hear feedback. I’m really excited about this. 

In advance, thanks for the support and continuing to read my blog! As corny as this sounds I really hope these posts encourage others to go after their dreams and aspirations. Some things I do to make a living. AKC articles are simply a fun way to inspire others.  I hope its working. 🙂 

— <33 AKC 

A.K.C. LLC Press Release 

(HAMPTON ROADS, VA)-SEPT. 14, 2015-A.K.C. LLC is an emerging media company serving the Hampton Roads, DC area and beyond. The goal of AKC staff is to create compelling, unique and marketable content for clientele. AKC staff specialize in promotional and creative video, public relations and the curation of entertainment.  
The first element of the company is the creation of promotional and creative video.  Clients who wish to create a video promotion go through a host of three meetings.  The first determines the need of the client and goals of their campaign.  The following is a brainstorm session where various solutions and ideas are presented.  Finally, the last meeting serves as simply a wrap-up. Budget and marketing plan is agreed upon and the creative process begins.  The second  element is public relations.  AKC contains a collection of writers, bloggers, radio personalities, actors and more.  These individuals vary in experience and personality. The team works to find exposure opportunities through online, radio, television and live event exposure. The company believes that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. AKC clients are talented and have worked very hard for their positions. AKC works to ensure they get the luck and exposure they deserve. “The DMV area has so much talent. It is my hope to use my passion for entrepreneurship to highlight the talent of the community,”says creator Kirby Carroll. 
 AKC also produces content through web-series, short-films, exclusive interviews and television. In order to schedule a consolation or view their content interested parties should visit the website online at AskKirbyCarroll.com 

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