Check out my Q&A with indie Ohio artist Twan Swanson. 
1. When did you get started in music?
Twan Swanson (L)
    – Originally my Madre set me up for Piano lessons when I was probably 9 or something. But as of now I’ve really been doing music with a focus and goal, consistently for 2 and a half years. Going to buy medicine from my local pharmacist, he and a friend of his were making beats, I was always curious to see what I could come up with, creatively, with music. I saw that time as an opportunity to do so. Ever since that day I’ve been doing music with a focus on a daily basis.
2. What inspires your music?
  – Life inspires my music. Feelings, emotions, ideas, theories. Things I feel should be said or need to be. Lack of artistry in music now a days, lack of soul. I only write songs in moments that come naturally. I try not to force any part of the process. 
3. Your music seems a lot more conscious than other artists, agree or disagree? 
  – if by conscious, you mean aware of our surroundings, real life, then I would say I’m very conscious. I feel any music made  is conscious in some matter, everything is apart of life, everything is real, even being fake. People can be really fake. I think my topic of music may just be an aspect or an angle a lot of people haven’t put together in the way I have, with Glances of Gold especially.

4. Whose style influences you?

  – Bob marley, Kanye, Jimi Hendrix, Andre 3000, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Pharcyde, Francis and the Lights, James Blake, Key Wane, and Mos Def all inspire me.  There are a lot of people who influence my style, my homies from Ohio, friends from college- a lot of influence.
5. Name an artist with a similar style. 
 I don’t think there’s anyone with a similar style. If anything I would say my style would have to sound like someone else’s because I released music after everyone out now!  But, even with that I don’t think my style is similar to anyone’s that much. There’s so many different moods on Glances of Gold that people, depending on their preference of music will say. I’ve gotten Currensy, Wiz, James Blake, Kanye, Chance the Rapper, Big Sean. It’s all over the place. 
6. What makes you different from the many other indie artists?
  – I’m different simply off the fact that im trying to find my own center and not try to be like other people or impress other people. 
7. How can we hear your music and keep up with you?
  IG: air_swanson
  Twitter: arucker_oh
— <33 AKC
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