On Sunday, March 22, 2015 I attended SuperGorge Society’s Women’s Month Brunch, at Opera Lounge in Washington D.C.  It was such an inspiring and exciting event.  The creators of SuperGorge Society, Loreal Danee and Ashley Silva, provided delicious food, drinks, vendors, and entertainment provided by WKYS’s DJ Quick Silva.

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 However, what really captivated me was the panel that followed.  It consisted of RnB Diva of LA’s BRAVE, WKYS’s Angie Ang, Love and Hip Hop’s Ashley T. Moore, Celebrity Makeup Artist Danielle Lewis, and Singer and Song Writer Sevyn Streeter.    
Even with all the talent and strong personalities on stage; the event still felt like a comfortable girl talk session.  Self image, heart-break, family, and financial struggles were all  topics the women discussed.  Each of the ladies explained how they faced adversity and trials in their career before reaching their individual levels of success.  Sevyn touched on the fact that she had been in two groups which fell through prior to becoming a solo artist.  She also spoke on how difficult it is to be a brown-skinned girl in the music industry.  I’ve always admired her writing and vocal talent and it’s so cool to see her finally getting the shine she deserves. 
 Brave discussed how originally she despised reality television before joining the cast of RnB Divas LA.  But, after praying and talking to God she decided to try and change that negative stereotype.  Angie Ang discussed the power of work-ethic and never accepting less than you deserve.  She is one of the best radio personalities in the Washington DC area, and it was interesting to hear how humble her beginnings were, from interning to even turning down a similar position. Ashley Moore was quite the character and kept making everyone laugh!  She explained how important it is to control your image and brand.  She was not very happy with her portrayal on Love and Hip Hop.  But, from that platform she’s gotten a bigger audience and made quite a name for herself.  Finally, Danielle emphasized the negative power in comparing yourself to others and how much that is hurting us as women.  I mean, how true is that? Don’t we all look at Instagram sometime and think “maybe I’m not doing good enough?”  Women must learn to embrace their own inner and outer beauty. 

Emotion and power was strong in the room.  There was even a running joke about “not crying.” What stuck out the most to me, was the discussion on work ethic.  That can’t be taken away from you.  Whether you’re skinny, fat, light, dark, ugly, pretty, or an alien it belongs to you!  No one can take away your passion and drive.  All of these women are very successful, attractive, and genuinely happy.  So I asked myself, “what do these diverse women have in common?”  Then I realized they all mentioned God, hard work, and loved ones.  With those things, I really do believe we can all reach our individual goals. 
I really love seeing women, especially women of color, working together and uplifting each other as a unit.  Let’s make sure we support more of the SuperGorge Society’s events.  Also check out the plugs below.  I’m actually really hype about Sevyn and BRAVE’s album! Sidebar, did ya’ll hear the EP’s? I was really vibing!  Ok, I’m done, check the plugs and pics below. 🙂 
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Cutest Couple Award: Ashley SIlva and Husband DJ Quick SIlva

BRAVE and Myself 

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