I never really talk about this but I feel like I can be myself with y’all.  One of my biggest struggles has been controlling my weight. I know that some of you may be judging me by saying this, because there are people a lot heavier than me.  I realize this and I’m not trying to make a mockery out of it.  However, I only want to loose around twenty pounds and I haven’t been able to do it for quite a while.

So when I saw all of the questions submitted about dieting and healthy eating I was VERY excited.

 I mean lets be honest–it just seems like a lot more of a financial struggle to eat healthy.  McDonalds finances with a Panera Bread mindset can be difficult. 

Luckily during this episode of the Ask Now Show I sat down with a fitness guru and  trainer Akiem Jones.  In addition to being a professional he is one of my great friends and I knew he’d be honest and educated in his answers.

Check out our interview below.  As promised we gave you the real, all the questions you WANT to ask.

<3 AKC

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