Hey Guys,

I just wanted to share how I feel about the Ask Now Show.  I’m so excited to say—its almost in its finishing stages.  We’re at that point where we have to start the post process but the interviews are done!

To be honest, I’m kind of nervous because so much of my heart is invested in this project.  The things and people who are special guests are truly that, special.  Some of them are good friends while others I only met recently.  But, the things they’re talking about are real issues– health and fitness, the black community, sexual and emotional health, the power of mentorship, and how amazing and powerful entertainment can be.  Our guests range from radio personalities to community leaders but they all share the same ideal.

We want to promote positivity and education in the urban community.  My hope with Ask Now is to be an outlet for students to talk about deep issues or every day problems they face while in college or as a young adult.  By simply sending in these questions, Ask Now looks to connect them with people or situations that can insight.  We received a lot of questions about getting in shape, so we spoke with a health coach.  We got a lot of questions about sexual health and relationships, so we spoke to a sexologist.

Whatever it may be, the goal is to help you cope with small to large issues, so you can focus on your true purpose. 

I know there are only a select few people who read these posts and send in AKC questions religiously.  But, I just wanna say I really appreciate it! Its been hard but I’m really trying to get out of my element and make things happen for us.

We’re trying to grow our social media outreach also so please follow us on IG @askNowShow and FB AskKirbyCarroll.net.

Of course if you have a question or topic send it in through AskKirbyCarroll.net or you could even make a video and hashtag it #AskNowShow.

Thanks as always

<33 AKC

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