Ask Now 

It is finally time for ASK NOW to have it’s moment!  I recently started filming a project that is very close to my heart and has been for quite some time! The series was created with the intent to give college students and young adults of various backgrounds a place to connect and voice their opinion.  Our relaxed yet structured conversations will touch on relationships, education, issues in the media and entertainment.  
Ask Now will also feature weekly talent, these individuals are motivated, gifted, and ambitious people.  They may be writers, radio hosts, fitness gurus or socialites.  However, what makes this show marketable is that these are normal people.  Ask Now will take away the feeling of “watching a YouTube show” and make you feel like you’re just sitting down having a great conversation with friends.  
The final element of this show is our connection with social media.  We will use it to create and get feedback to our topics.. Prizes will be given to viewers at the end of the show, winners will be announced via social media.  

If you have a few moments please go follow us on Instagram @AskNowShow and stay tuned for all that is to come!  I really think you guys are gonna enjoy it! 

<33 AKC

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