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Many people dream of what it’s like to be connected to a superstar. Recently, IAMJMARiiE spoke with Mayte, star of the popular VH1 show, Hollywood Exes.

 Mayte was formally married to music superstar, Prince.  When asked about how she would describe the season and herself she used the word passionate simultaneously.  She explained how passion can be both negative and positive but that  the show and herself both, posses a lot of it! “All of the women in the show are outspoken and strong willed. It’s because for so long we had to just be quiet and be the wife, we couldn’t speak up.” Mayte explained that though she wouldn’t call the women’s connection a sisterhood, there is definitely a love and respect for each other because they’ve all been thru a similar journey.

Mayte’s passion is invested in many things. She is the founder of Mayte’s Rescue which places healthy dogs in loving homes.  She’s always had a genuine love for all animals and their care, she referred to an incident in the first episode, where simply seeing somewhere wear a fur bag really angered her.

She has a very passionate and genuine spirit. I could hear the kindness in her voice when she spoke of her relationship with Prince. “When you have a baby with someone there is a lifelong connection, our child didn’t make it, but I still carried our child. I have a special love for him, there is no malice towards him; he’s the father of my son.”  Mayte and Prince sadly lost their child in complications during delivery, but their love for him lives on.

Mayte revealed that she is now in a new relationship. They’ve known each other for years but  finally decided to make it romantic. Though, it is a long distance relationship she cares for him greatly and is happy they started as friends first.

 In addition to being an animal activist she has a belly dancing DVD, clothing line, may be opening a dance school, and is currently buying a house! Still, performing has a special place in her heart. Mayte’s biggest dream is to be on Broadway in NY.

When asked if there is anything she’d like viewers and fans to know about her she said, “I think viewers understand I am a passionate person, I think we all are a little crazy. I hope they enjoy the ride; there is always evolution or at least an attempt to make things better. We all want to grow and learn to be a better person, and I hope they do the same.”

Keep up with her at Mayte.com and watch Hollywood Exes on VH1 Wednesdays at 9/8c .

Twitter: https://twitter.com/maytegarcia
Instagram: http://instagram.com/maytejannell
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMayteGarcia
– Kirby Carroll


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