A few weeks ago I traveled to Los Angeles, California for  BET Experience.  The weekend was jam packed with events, activities, networking,and parties.  It was very interesting to see the mixture of people and personalities.  It was very obvious that some people were treating the weekend like a vacation and indulging in the atmosphere.  While others were very strategic about their reasons for being there whether it was career related or personal. (side-eye)

Mid-day Saturday I attended the 106 and park live taping on behalf of IAMJMARIIE.  As you would expect there were many teens and young adults outside.  It was interesting to see how strong Bowwow’s fan-base still is.  As soon as he stepped out young girls ran to take photos and greet him.  There were a few nice performances.  I was the most excited about seeing Sevyn Streeter.  Sevyn always gives a good show and she seemed to have a really strong connection with her fan base.

Sunday night we attended the actual award show.  The first thing that attracted me was the fashion! I expected to see a lot of “club dresses.”  However, most of the guests were dressed very eloquently which aided to the regal atmosphere.  The color of the night was white, almost everyone was draped in some shade of it.  I’m guessing this had lots to do with the fact that it was SO hot outside and not really a fashion statement.

As you all know, I am a big fan of music and its culture.  But, its always interesting to see how “celebrities” act at award shows.  I wanted to get up dance and sing along.  However , I notice a lot of people rather sit quietly, than truly enjoy themselves.  Which brings me to Chris Brown, that was not the case for him at all.  The audience all stood to their feet when he performed, it seemed that almost everyone was happy to see him back on the scene.  Another one, is the captivating Phylicia Rashad, she appeared to give tribute to Ruby Dee/ Maya Angelou and the audience stood in an almost reverence manner.  (I guess Mrs. Cosby will always get respect like that).  Yolanda Adams also brought many to their feet for a mini praise break, its always funny to seee rappers get in the spirit temporarily.

The weekend included many other events and launch parties.  Moments like Music Matters and Tony Rock’s all white were two of the major highlights of the weekend.

My hope for attending award shows and events like this.  Is that people like myself and others are inspired to create something worthy of recognition.  My personal favorite moment of the evening was  August Alsina receiving best new artist.  I really like his CD, and as a fan I know his story.  When we see these people make it, it should inspire us to do the same. Sing, write, act, create, be a beacon in the community, lets do something that entertains AND inspires!

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