I know it’s been awhile since the Trayvon Martin incident.  But, the truth is a child’s life is really gone due to one man’s ignorance and fear.  People have moved on,  social media has went back to normal, and I’m pretty sure the Witness Protection Program has Zimmerman somewhere tucked away.   But you know who hasn’t moved on, his parents, friends, teachers, and etc.  I’m not posting this to bring everyone down,  I just want to remind everyone to live LIFE.  Don’t waste moments, don’t waste time.  Live life to the fullest and remember what so many worked for, fought for, and died for.  Let’s not make their fight senseless by creating violence or hate. 
 Live life with respect, dignity, and love.  

 Happy Birthday Trayvonn, I pray for your family and loved ones and I pray that

 your passing will continue to inspire others to live life fully and commit to non-violence.

A few months back I came across this video that a friend of mine from college created.  The name of the song is T.R.A.Y and it’s by Grammy Rich.  It’s a really strong reminder about what happened and how Trayvon could have been any of own kids or siblings. 

<3 AKC

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