Recently, I participated in a challenge created by a previous talent featured on, Kareem Taylor. Kareem is a voice actor and radio personality that can be heard on CNN and various commercials nationwide.  The name of the initiative was 30 Days to Change.   It was geared toward the creators; the actors, writers, singers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and etc.  The timing was not accidental, the 30 days was strategically placed to lead up to the new year.  The goal was to inspire others to work towards their individual projects.  No matter what the situation was, work for those thirty days.

Kareem took to his social media sites to leave empowering messages to motivate individuals participating in the challenge.  What  resonated with me the most was the get up and do it mentality.  Dreaming is great, and anyone who supports me knows I LOVE dreams.  However, it takes work and time to turn these dreams into reality. If you see yourself becoming a singer, you have to train your voice.  If you dream of writing for Essence, you have to develop your writing ability.  Kareem’s inspiring and uplifting posts via social media kept myself and others on the right track.

Another thing I enjoyed about 30 Days to Change was the community feeling.  I was not in this alone.  Let’s be honest, we all scroll through social media entirely too much.  During this challenge, when I looked through Instagram/Twitter, I saw positivity.  I saw peers creating posts explaining their latest endeavor.  I saw Kareem giving me an uplifting word to keep me motivated.  There are powers in numbers and connecting with others.  I felt a sense of responsibility to keep my word and finish the challenge.

 On a personal level, I’m not afraid to say, sometimes I hinder myself.  I worry about what others will think, resources, or question my talent.  30 Days to Change helped me jumpstart my 2014 and leave those thoughts behind.  I used my time to improve my site and work on a screenplay that is close to my heart.  This year is already off to an interesting beginning.  I’m starting my second semester of graduate school and I made the decision to leave my past employer.  Resources are tighter and my situation has changed.  However, I feel extremely strong and motivated.  I owe a huge thank you to Kareem and the 30 Days to Change challenge.  I encourage all of you to follow him and  learn his motivating story and see how it effects you.

2014 is here, make it yours.

<3 AKC

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