Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Kamren Davis an amazing singer hailing from South Carolina.  Kamren has a way of grabbing her audience with her powerful vocals and kind spirited and amicable personality.  It is no surprise she’s had the success that she has check out our interview below!

One on One: Kamren Davis 

When did you get interested in music? I’ve been singing since I was three years old.  However, I’ve been recording since high school, like many people I started out in the church, I just never stopped.  

It isn’t surprising that you started in the church because of the spirit in your voice, do you write your own lyrics? Yeah I do, but it varies.  If someone has a song or beat sometimes we collab and vibe, I believe in working as a team.  But, I am currently taking the time to learn production, I realize it is important to have your own vision.

Where do you find your inspiration?  I find my overall inspiration from God.  Musically, I admire Beyonce’s energy, and the way she acts with her audience.  As well as Ryan Leslie I admire him professionally and musically.  On the songwriting side, probably Erykah Badu and the Dream.  

So whats next for you? Well I cant say much right now but I’m amping up for a self-entitled mixtape called “3 and Under.

Why 3 and Under? Well every song will be three minutes or less (laughs) but every song will have a message.  We are only in the beginning stages but I’m very excited

It sounds like you have some great things coming up.  What would you say are the best performances or moments you’ve had so far in your career? That is so hard, I love every moment, but definitely getting the pleasure of singing the national anthem at the Bobcats vs Bulls game.   Also, performing at the Arts to Entertainment Music Conference in Atlanta.  I had the opportunity to perform alongside the leader of the grammy award winning group Arrested Development.

It seems like you are well on your way, if you could give a piece of advice to someone looking to pursue singing what would you say?
As cliche as it sounds I’d say dont give up. Keep fighting for your dream! Even if it feels like you’re not getting anywhere, fight for your dream!  Let people see your talent and then make them believe.  Everything has it’s time!

To keep in touch with Kamren and her musical journey, stay connected socially!  Also, check out her skills in the videos attached.  Give it a honest listen, I promise you wont be mad at me! =) 
Twitter/IG: @KamrenMusic 

ReverbNation: Reverbnation/KamrenDavis

Youtube: Kamren Music 

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