Every time I interview a talent my hope is that you are inspired, knowledge is gained, and you are entertained.  I want to go on record as saying, I personally experienced all of these aspects when speaking to BOA co-founder Clayton Mitchell.

For those of you who don’t know BOA is a marketing, management, and record label based out of Washington DC.  It is founded by LaGreg Harrison, Muhammad Hill, and Clayton Mitchell.  They are known most popularly for their work with hip hop artists Wale and Black Cobain.  Mr. Mitchell has the title of financial director and is responsible for many of the amazing things that go on behind the scenes.  
Recently, one of my peers asked me a very real question.  She looked at me in awe and said, “Do you really think it was worth it?”  By “it” she was referring to the numerous college loans, internships without pay, and the courage to constantly put yourself out there to employers and investors.  
I responded by looking her in the eye and saying yes, because I know it’s going to pay off.  But lets be honest we all have our weak moments, where we in fact wonder is it worth it.
 However, seeing individuals like Clayton, who worked toward their dreams and supported them with education and long hours make the dream real!  Check out this empowering and inspiring Q&A with Clayton Mitchell below.

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Clayton Mitchell III and I was born and raised in Washington D.C. (Uptown). I attended Archbishop Carroll High School and I obtained my BS from Howard University and a MBA and MS from the University of Maryland.

I love classic cars, NBA TV, good food, fashionable girls, and retro Air Jordan sneakers.

In short, I’m the cool, fly quiet guy that hardly ever spoke in homeroom… Oh, and I have the uncanny ability to make cool shit come to life… (Laughs)

Explain your job title and what goes on during a “regular” day.
I am a Co-Founder and Director of Finance for The Board Administration, LLC (BOA). Not only am I responsible for managing BOA’s financial records, I also support both the business development and marketing branches – this includes identifying and prioritizing potential business ventures and implementing go-to-business strategies.
Wow, I really don’t think I’ve had a “regular” day in a long time, but I’d say that starting at 9am I check email messages, follow-up on leads, and communicate back and forth with my partners throughout the day. My day usually ends with a short brainstorming/re-cap session with someone from the team.

How is it having business partners that you have such a good relationship with?

It’s a blessing to have business partners like mine. BOA started back in 2009 as a boutique consulting firm with me, Le’Greg “G” Harrison, and Muhammad Hill. Muhammad is my cousin and G. is a longtime family friend – it feels like we’ve been joined at the hip for quite a while.  I tell everyone that we all had our own identities prior to BOA – those two guys played collegiate basketball while I did some party promotion and interned with the United States Secret Service. BOA was formed out of our equal love for sports, music, and fashion.

In the beginning, we were brand ambassadors for Sparkling Nuvo and then made the move into music after linking with Wale Folarin, Tre’ Walker, and Black Cobain.  Not to go off on a tangent but I want to take this time to highlight people like Margaret Owooje, Santrise Webb, Nyrik Lee, Jay Dixon, Erica Herbet, Jady Exp, Aaron Turner, LaTasha Perkins, and Tyrell James – these are the people in the background who make BOA possible; I can’t imagine this company without them!

Did you ever think BOA would grow to be so big? What was it like starting up?

I’m thankful for everything God has allowed us to do and I believe we’ve only scratched the surface. Although on the outside it may look like we’ve “made it”, I feel that we have a long way to go and much more to offer to the DMV and the world.  

Starting BOA was tough, again we started back in 2009 so it’s not like we just popped up on the scene; I remember when the only supporters we had were family and close friends.  There was a lot of financial sacrifice, broken promises, sleepless nights, and REALLY HARD WORK!

Where do you see yourself in five years? 10?

In 5-10yrs I see myself sitting in a boardroom meeting with one of the following: Steve Stoute, Richard Branson, Karl Lagerfield, Jay-Z, Mark Parker, or LA Reid – seriously! Lord willing this won’t take me 5-10yrs.  I know I’ll be a top-level executive and doing a lot of philanthropic work…and maybe get married and have a few kids along the way- Lord please bless me with a son or daughter with point guard skills!…(Laughs)

Biggest accomplishments?

  • Lotus Flower Bomb – Grammy Nomination
  • BOA recognized by Forbes Magazine Online for our social media work
  • Black Cobain touring with Mark Ronson in London and opening for Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers Tour

Whats next for BOA?

We’re gearing up for some major mixtape releases and collaborations by all of our artists. This year you’ll see more from Tiara Thomas, Black Cobain, Mz. Sasha, and Fatz. We’re also excited about the additions of Light Show and Aaron Wess! We really do have an eclectic group of artists and I think we’ve done a great job and building something special.

Who would you say inspires you on a personal level and on a business level?

On a personal level, I’m inspired by anyone who works to break the cycle of poverty and looks to improve social awareness; I really want a leave a mark.  James E. Mitchell (my father) use to say that “being poor and hungry is a great motivator”.

On a business level, I’m inspired by creative thinkers and just wanting to be in a position to open doors for others like myself. I’m a firm believer in people with odds stacked against them.

Social Media Plugs?

Personal Instagram and Twitter: ChampagneStains and @ChampagneStains
Company Twitter: @thaBoard

If you could give a piece of advice to a younger person who wants to be in your shoes what would it be?

My advice would be to never be afraid to follow your dreams and take calculated risks! I think too many of us have deferred chasing our dreams out of fear.  There have been times where I’ve felt like I was having an emotional breakdown because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. Truthfully, not chasing your dreams or reaching your goals should keep you awake at night and should bring tears to your eyes – I’m so sincere saying that.

This year I saw a lot of people creating vision boards for 2013 and that’s great, I applaud that – but here’s the thing, that vision board doesn’t mean shit if you don’t plan and implement the steps to achieve everything on those boards.  Don’t wait to be great!


I told you it was powerful.  This is the message I got, Never give up. Never stop working. Ever.  I hope it did the same for you.. 

Also If you want to know get to know Mr. Mitchell on a personal level check out our random game of  this or that! =)

This or That: Clayton Mitchell 
Behind the scenes or In the Spotlight
Money or Fame
Very Likeable or Very Sucessful 
Quiet Evening or the Turn Up
Basketball or Football
Rap or RnB 
Rihanna or Alicia Keys 
Top 3 Television shows of all time– Law and Order SVU, HBO’s Entourage, Martin
Top 3 artists of all time-Jay Z, Pimp C, Biggie;

(current) Black Cobain, Mz. Sasha and Lightshow

  Keep in touch with Clayton Mitchell on Twitter/IG@ChampagneStains
and follow me for more interviews/updates@askKirbyCarroll 

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