Yesterday, I had a phone interview with model and actor Lakyle Thomas. Lakyle is a Georgia native, orginally from Lagrange but now he happily resides in Atlanta.  He has been acting since the young age of five.  
Today, he can be seen in many popular television shows such as Single Ladies, BET’s the Game, Necessary Roughness and as a past spokesmodel for the popular brand, Sean Jean. However, there is another passion that held his attention for quite awhile. 
LaKyle was quite a football star in the past and was awarded a full scholarship to Fort Valley College.  One could still hear his love for the sport as he jokingly explained how he almost cried when he saw that the Ravens had won the SuperBowl!  To get a better idea of his laid back personality and strong sense of work ethic. 
Check out the exclusive one on one below.
Tell me about yourself? I’m tall dark and handsome (laughs).

What is it that attracts you to acting?  You can truly come out of yourself you have the power to be whoever you want to.  Its really exciting!

Was it hard to give up football, do you still miss it all? Yes, I miss it very much but I love what I do, I don’t regret my decision.

I know you’ve appeared in numerous television shows such as Single Ladies, Necessary Roughness, and BET’s the game, what is your most memorable experience from working with these shows and why?  Man, there are so many! I remember when I was working on Necessary Roughness, we shot at the Georgia Dome.  I really enjoyed that because I got to combine both of the things I enjoy.

I noticed a lot of the shows you’ve appeared in tape in GA.  Many people feel that Atlanta, is the new Hollywood, do you agree or disagree and why? I definitely agree.  The revenue in Atlanta is just as much as Hollywood and NY, Atlanta is on the rise!

What else are your working on? I have three auditions coming up, I’m working on a  short film, a TV series, and this week I’ll be hosting a red carpet.  
Where can we catch you at the red carpet? It’s this Thursday at the Porter Sanford Theatre.

Now I have to ask, if you could give a piece of advice to an individual thinking about pursuing a career in acting what would it be? I would definitely say get some training.  If you have the chance to take classes or major in fine arts I recommend it.  Experience and education are equal and they both are necessary.  The last thing you need is no training in this business!  

LaKyle makes it very obvious that he is a passionate individual and a hard-worker.  Keep an eye out for his future projects, a  comedic pilot called “Side by Side” “5 Reasons a Man Won’t Marry You” and “Complicated Melody” where he will be working behind the camera as well as in the front! 

To keep up with him socially, add him on facebook @LaKyle Thomas and follow him on twitter/IG @ActorLakyle

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