I felt truly honored to conduct this latest interview.  Last week I sat down with Kareem Taylor, a voice actor out of Brooklyn, NY.

Kareem’s amazing talent can be heard on CNN and many national promotions and commericals.  

He also is a radio personality and writer.  The popular radio show, Pillow Talk, which started as a road-trip conversation has transcended into a phenonemenon with a strong and loyal following.

In my one on one Kareem spoke about the importance of entrepeneurship, going after your dreams, interning, and embracing your passion.  

Every now and then you meet individuals who you know are going very far.  I can truly say I believe Kareem is one of these people.  His amicable personality, immaculate level of passion, and consistent work ethic is demonstrated through his success and body of work.  

Check out some of his words of wisdom below

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For the full interview, click below.

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