Hello Everybody!

First of all let me start off by saying I missed you guys so much!  I’m in the process of relocating and it has been close to impossible to keep updating.  However, as promised we are back up and running and I am so excited for you all to see the interviews I have lined up!

The most recent interview was conducted a few weeks ago  with Model/Socialite LeAndrea Portis of Atlanta, Georgia.  Leandrea hails from my hometown Hampton, Virginia and has been modeling for the past four years.  Miss Portis has appeared in numerous fashion shows, grammy nominated music videos, and hosted events all over the east coast.  
I believe what sets LeAndrea apart from many other “models” is her passion for the art.  She studies her craft, always has her portforlio present, and can name top designers at the drop of a hat.  
LeAndrea plans on competing for the next season of Americas Next Top Model in a few weeks and judging by her portfolio and strong following I believe we will be seeing her on TV very soon!

The goal of askKirbyCarroll: First to the Stars is to get to know the stars before they are stars.  I believe Leandrea may be a prime example of this.  On a personal level she is an amazing friend and on a buisness level she is extreemly professional and easy to work with.  
You can find her in D. Woods upcoming video, To the Bottom, 11Alive.com, and Kontrol Magazine’s Masquerade Fashion Show video.  
I’m keeping my fingers crossed for ANTM as I hope you all will as well.

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