Yesterday I sat down with the beautiful and talented Michaela Thurlow.  Michaela is a 14 year old singer, songwriter, pianist, producer, and dancer.  She is absoultely gorgeous and has a very strong and powerful voice that captivates everyone as soon as they hear her sing.  

During our interview Michaela explained how she’s had a desire to sing since she was five years old.  I find it amazing that many people spend their entire life looking for their passion and she was blessed enough to find hers before she entered grade school!  She has become a YouTube phenomenon performing popular covers such as We Found Love and Thinking about You.  However, what really has everyone talking is her new single Show Me, now available on iTunes.

Though, Michaela loves singing she also is very dedicated to positivity and cares a lot about her generation.  Currently, she is on a school tour along with a few other teen sensations to promote a campaign against bullying.  She also took time to passionately explain to me the difference between true inner beauty and outer beauty and how important it is to stay humble and true to yourself.

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Take a listen to the full interview to hear us talk about our love for Beyonce and Drake, guys needing to show and prove, finding your passion and Michaela gives us a taste of her singing ability! Its all in the Video! ENJOY!! 

Also don’t forget her single is available on iTunes NOW it’s entitled Show Me and is getting more and more play everyday!

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