Earlier this week I traveled to my alma mater of Clark Atlanta University to conduct another exclusive One on One interview with new RnB artist, Renegade.  Renegade is a native of Stone Mountain GA, and is making his mark on music with his upcoming EP the Arrival.” 

Renegade has had a humble and extraordinary start in the music world.  He has been singing since he was young in the church choir and has definately put in the work to be where he is.  

However, one thing that sets him apart from many others is his upbrining.  His mentor is the legendary Troy Taylor, who many of you may recall as Trey Songz manager.  Renegade’s upcoming EP  also includes many other features by individuals who are no stranger to the music industry.  

When asked how he does it, he simply explains  his love and passion for timeless music and internal drive to suceed.

 Renegade was a nice person to talk to and the interview was very relaxed and comfortable.  It didnt much for him to explain his go-getter mentality, love for the ladies and lust for the beautiful Christina Milian.

Renegade’s new single “Come on the Bed” hits itunes October 9th and has already been played on a few radio stations.  For more information follow him on twitter and like his fb page! 



For the full interview, see below.

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