This past weekend I sat down with noted Author Michael McGrew and discussed his love for literacy, his favorite novel, and his personal inspiration.

Let me start by saying, Michael is a down to earth genuine and caring individual.  As a single father and former employee of BET he knows all about the balance of passion and hardwork. It is this drive that has propelled him into the excellent writer that he is today.

McGrew speaks from a place of passion and humility that is very much needed for our people and present time.  Currently, he is transitioning from fiction to non-fiction.  After the success of novels such as My Kind of Girl” and “Taking Losses” I know that he will have a smooth ride.

Recently, he released a new read entitled Room 111 talking about the corrupt practices involved in the music industry and I speak from experience when I say it is definately a page turner!  Michael also has plans of attempting to break the Guiness book of World Records for most books signed in 2013.

To find out more about Mr. McGrew and his journey follow him on twitter @MichaelMcGrew and check out his amazing website 

Also Check out our One on One interview below! 

*Excuse the sound it the beginning it gets better, I promise!*
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