Last week I traveled to my beautiful hometown of Hampton, Virginia to speak with Joseph Moore.  Joseph is the founder of Millionaire Ambition, a new clothing line hitting stores very soon!  Check out our  exclusive Q&A below!

Q. So what inspired you to start Millionaire Ambition?
A. I was inspired by the people around me that’s grindin, taking no days off, I felt like I should take that to the fashion world, and I just decided to start my own clothing line.  I  took it a day at a time and then one day there was Millionaire Ambition.

 Q. Are your clothes for men and women
A.Yes Millionaire Ambition is for men and women and babies too (laughs)

Q. What do you think about men and women trends out currently?
A. Fashion is okay right now, I like when women  mix and match styles vintage, heels and skirts, and jeans the next day.  As far as guys I just dont like the skinny jeans.  Cant get with it.

Q. To get an idea of your clothes, give me an example of some brands that are similar to millionaire ambition?
A. I’d say AKOO, Academics and Fly Society

Q. Okay now I know AKOO is TI’s brand.  Who is someone in the entertainment scene right now who you would say embodies Millionaire Ambition?
A. I’d have to say Wale for males and Ciara for females

Q. Allright, now since we touched on music who is in your CD player this summer?
A. (pauses) TI, Wale, and Rozay

Q.  Now you seem like a really laid back guy.  Are you in school?  How important is education to you?
A.  School is very important to get you where you wanna be and it opens up doors to where you wanna go.  I’m in college and actually trying to get into photography as a minor.  All of it goes hand in hand you know camerawork, fashion, and photography, everything is a visual.

Q. Okay now since you mentioned photography, are there any other hidden talents we should know about?
A. I can rap and do a little spoken word.

(I asked him to give us a taste but he politely grinned and told us not today 😉 

Q. Ok now that I’ve talked your head off, please let us know–How can we order your clothes
A. Im on all social media sites; Facebook (Joseph JDot), Instagram and twitter (@Mill_Ambition) so you can contact me that way and I’ll mail it out to you. But I’m trying to be in stores in about two months

Q. Wow two months, what cities are you targeting?
A. If everything goes right  DC, Cali,  of course VA

Joseph was a breeze to talk to and full of obvious potential.  Make sure you check out his designs and support the young entrepreneur.  Also you can contact, network, or order his designs at the information below

Facebook: Joseph JDot
Twitter: @Mill_Ambition
Instagram: Mill_AMbition

and make sure you follow my personal twitter account for more interviews and updates

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