On Friday August 3rd I traveled to the beautiful Centennial park to direct, produce and shoot an interview with National PRSSA President Lauren Gray.  The interview was corresponded by Taylor Terrell, Georgia Southern PRSSA president.  The conversation answered a lot of questions involving PRSSA, national initiatives, and making ones’ self a brand.  

With famous twitter followers such as Lady Gaga and President Barack Obama and being the president of a national organization at such an early age, one must wonder what is Lauren’s secret.  Well honestly it is no surprise that she has made so many advances in her career.  She was full of energy, amicable and exciting to work with the whole day.  Yet, she kept a strong professional demeanor from the second I shook her hand to the moment the camera stopped rolling.

Taylor and Lauren spent the day speaking of how important social media is and how to reach members, followers, or fans for different organizations and projects.  Later, the conversation traveled to an even larger scale involving the PRSSA National initiatives such as Diversity Works and the outreach plans to include high school and community college students.

 I was never involved with PRSSA in college and now I regret it.  After l learned how much it helped both Lauren and Taylor I think I should have looked into it!  With the school year about to begin I hope that many of you take a look at the amazing organization and make a different decision than I made!

Below is the interview.  Let me know your thoughts!

Also you can follow @Laurenkgray –National President @_denisetaylor — GSU PRSSA President and of course my personal twitter account @askKirbyCarroll for more videos, posts, and updates

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