About the event: 
Last night I traveled through the hectic traffic of dowtown Atlanta to the W hotel for Political Cocktails.  The event featured  Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed and V103 and HGTV personality Egypt Sherrod.  Usually I am scared that politcal events are going to be a bit of a snooze fest but the event was nice and a creative way to get the issues out to our generation.  There was a dj playing popular music that appealed to everyone and free cocktails in the lobby.  I  also got to meet and network with many graduates of the AUC (Clark Atlanta, Spelman and Morehouse) and many other prestigious HBCU’s that were doing major things in entertainment and politics.   There is so much focus on the negligent things our people are doing but moments like last night I remember we are  strong and pro-active.  Following the drinks and photo-snaps was the reason everyone was there the mayors’ introduction and interview.     

The Interview 
Now first of all after that interview I completly understand why Egypt has had such a high level of success, she is so natural with her microphone.  There are not many hosts who can get politicans to speak about their personal life and political views with such a relaxed demeanor.  Perhaps, one of the most eventful moments is when she gave mayor Reed a serious look and said so why aren’t you married.  Reed then went into a beautiful speech about his view on marriage and jokingly explained his true love for Gabrielle Union causing the audience and social media to go bananas.  The conversation continued to range from his secret passion of singing in the shower, upbringing in Cascade,  power of our generation, to the internal care for the city of Atlanta and its people.  Then, he adressed the elephant in the room–Untie Atlanta.  

Untie Atlanta
 During the conclusion of the interview Reed stressed the importance of voting for the bill on July 31. For those of you who are not familar with Untie Atlanta, it is a predicted solution to the knot we call traffic.  The problem arose due to the fact that over the next 30 years, at the rate we are going, 70% of transportaion funding will go to existing roads and systems.  This leaves little room for growth and expanision in other areas.  Also, the revenue from gas is slowly becoming little to nothing because of the new development for fuel efficient cars.  Because of the traffic and congestion, an Atlanta consumer will spend a little over $900 yearly in wasted gas.  These dramatic stastics are keeping away buisnesses and job expansion opportunities.

The Solution 
A $8.5 billion will go toward projects that include better transit such as MARTA, safety, biking, improvements, and technology updates.  These projects were created by residents and local governemnt.  The regions effected are Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry, and Rockdale counties.  Fifteen percent of the 8.5 will go back to each of these counties for specific local issues.  

After being informed on the issue I know I will be there on July 31 to cast my vote.  How about you?  For further information visit www. UntieAtlanta.com  OR to register to vote visit http://www.sos.georgia.gov/

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