I still remember the day I read Terrance J’s story.  It inspired me so much that tears began to well in my eyes.  Now, usually when there is a story that touches me to this great of an extent its because someone conquered some immaculate feat or broke the barriers of racism or poverty.  Well for all I know this could be true or completely false for him but this is not what amazed me.  It was that his story was possible and plausible.  He went to a great HBCU, I went to a great HBCU.  He had just graduated when he was cast, I just graduated.  He was very focused on his dreams and aspirations I am and have always been dedicated to my dreams.

You see every now and then young adults need to know that their dream is attainable.  It is a great feeling to know that someone who is “like us” made it.  Now made it does not necessarily mean becoming famous or  rich.  It could mean received a higher education, found religion, or just exceeded their own personal mental barriers.  But just to know that there are other people who share that burn for their dreams and achieve them inspires me, and I know many other ambitious goal setters share my enthusiasm.  

 Personally, I always knew that I would to be in entertainment.  When I was young I wanted to act, as I grew older I learned I wanted to be behind the camera.  Now that I have matured and I am improving my level of confidence I know what I want.   I want to entertain and inspire.  This can be done in one or both ways. 

So If blessed with the opportunity to be host of 106 and Park I promise to do just that, entertain and inspire.  I have a younger fifteen year old sister and I hope to be that individual who grabs her age group, while still having the maturity to capture the audience of my peers and elders.  My dream is to use my experience and love of the entertainment world to expand the worlds love of music and the arts.  My motivated, driven, energetic, and humorous attitude can be used to benefit the BET world and beyond.  
There are a million things that people can and probably will say to limit me but I believe my passion and work ethic encompasses all of their doubts and all of my fears. 

 So please make the Wright” choice and Vote for me by tweeting I want @askKirbyCarroll to be the new host of @106andpark 

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