I really hate the whole Angry Black woman argument.  I mean ask anyone and they will tell you I am one of the least non-confrontational people you will EVER meet and I’m not alone in that.  I mean sure I have some friends who like drama, what female over the age of six doesn’t?  But for the most part my peers are nice, free-spirited, and loving people.  So it bothers me that many black men feel that they have to date outside of their race to feel at peace in their homes.  This is not to say I dont support interracial dating.  I actually think its a very beautiful thing.  BUT if a black man feels to be happy or relaxed in his home he cannot date a black woman it bothers me.

However, LADIES we have to know how to calm our spirit for our mate.  Because  when we have women like this running loose and than in the MEDIA, I can understand why a brother might dig a Lindsay Lohan.

 This clip truly pisses me off.  Check out this “Bridezilla” from Ft. Lauderdale  

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