Have you guys noticed that EVERYBODY is going natural?  (*hums* I am not my hair).  
At first this bothered me, simply because about two years ago I got overly emotional and cut my hair really short.  (yes people really do this).  But I’m finally getting my hangtime back thanks to hard work and my friend Aneesah Washington.  So imagine my surprise when I find out the whole world is cutting their hair and starting from scratch!  

However, after this video I kind of understood the reasoning. I talked to so many people who explained just how bad  chemicals are to your hair.  Even guys told me they thought of girls differently by the way they wear their hair.  Many felt that there is a certain level of confidence and respect for ladies comfortable enough to wear their hair in its natural state.  Of course there was only so much footage I could use in the video.  But please watch and let me know what you think!   

Also I attached some photos of my hair styles.  Im still trying to decide whats right for the summer!  What do you guys think?  

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