Last Month I had the pleasure of meeting one of 106 and Park’s Freestyle champions, Syahboy.  And I have to admit I really liked him you can tell he’s extreemly dedicated to his craft and his dream.  However, there are many people in the world who share this same desire.  So I know what your thinking, what sets him apart?  

 And here it is in one word STYLE.  As cliche as it sounds his whole swag and attitude fits the game right now.  I mean let’s be honest hip hop is changing, I’m not saying its dead like the old folks argue but its  definately changing.  Whenever someone can shout “Tupac without a nose ring” and people make it their facebook statuses its not the same. (No shade)

 Anyway he combines that southern swag that people love to bounce to with the flow that you dont mind hearing when your just coolin by yourself.  

Lastly, I’ll be honest he’s a bit of a looker, there were a few times I had to stop myself from gazing into those brown eyes!  It’s no surprise he’s a hit with the ladies.  

Anyway what are your thoughts? Leave comments and let me know!  Oh yeah and he’s on Worldstar today! 

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